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Several members of IPP give lectures in basic physics (Physics I, II, 402-1701-00L and 402-1782-00L) for bachelor students of physics and mathematics. Two members of IPP (Adrian Biland and Christoph Grab) carry responsibility for the laboratory courses in the bachelor curriculum, both at the introductory () (402-0000-01L and 402-0241-00L) and advanced ( ) level.

A large variety of courses at the bachelor and Master’s level are offered in particle and astroparticle physics. We also offer laboratory courses at IPP, CERN, and PSI.

We have structured the Master’s curriculum in experimental particle physics around the core courses of PPP I+II and EMIPP, complemented by a core course in theoretical physics (Quantum Field Theory I) and further elective and laboratory courses. This Master program is supported in a collaboration with colleagues from ITP, as well as from the University of Zurich and PSI. Furthermore, members of IPP were main organizers and/or lecturers at a number of national and international summer/winter schools for undergraduate and graduate students in particle physics, such as the CHIPP winter school and the PSI Zuoz summer school.

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