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7elow you find information about courses offered in the fall semester 2017. For information on past and future courses, please use the navigation page on the left. Additional material and schedules can be accessed through the links on the right.

Bachelor courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0240-00L Advanced Physics Laboratory II  C. Grab,
S. Gvasaliya
402-0241-00L Advanced Physics Laboratory I  C. Grab,
S. Gvasaliya
402-0600-00L Nuclear and Particle Physics with Applications  A. Rubbia,
G. Dissertori,
C. Grab,
K. S. Kirch,
R. Wallny

Master core courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0713-00L Astro-Particle Physics I  A. Biland
402-0715-00L Low Energy Particle Physics  A. S. Antognini,
P. A. Schmidt-Wellenburg
402-0717-BSL Particle Physics at CERN  F. Nessi-Tedaldi,
W. Lustermann
402-0725-00L Experimental Methods and Instruments of Particle Physics  U. Langenegger,
M. Dittmar,
A. Streun
402-0737-00L Energy and Environment in the 21st Century (Part I)  M. Dittmar
402-0740-00L Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics  M. Donegà,
R. Wallny
402-0767-00L Neutrino Physics  A. Rubbia,
C. Regenfus
402-0891-00L Phenomenology of Particle Physics I  A. Rubbia,
P. Crivelli
402-2000-00L Scientific Works in Physics  C. Grab

Specialized courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0101-00L The Zurich Physics Colloquium  R. Renner,
G. Aeppli,
C. Anastasiou,
N. Beisert,
G. Blatter,
S. Cantalupo,
M. Carollo,
C. Degen,
G. Dissertori,
K. Ensslin,
T. Esslinger,
J. Faist,
M. Gaberdiel,
G. M. Graf,
R. Grange,
J. Home,
S. Huber,
A. Imamoglu,
P. Jetzer,
S. Johnson,
U. Keller,
K. S. Kirch,
S. Lilly,
L. M. Mayer,
J. F. Mesot,
B. Moore,
D. Pescia,
A. Refregier,
A. Rubbia,
K. Schawinski,
T. C. Schulthess,
M. Sigrist,
A. Vaterlaus,
R. Wallny,
A. Wallraff,
W. Wegscheider,
A. Zheludev,
O. Zilberberg


Number Unit Lecturer
402-0740-00L Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics  M. Donegà,
R. Wallny
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