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This page provides an outlook on future lectures courses in partical physics offered in Zurich.


This list is a summary of our internal scheduling and is meant to help students make informed plans about their studies. Please note that the list is subject to change without further notice. Neither is it exhaustive nor can we guaratee that all listed courses will take place as indicated. Please refer to the ETH course catalogue for more details concerning the upcoming semester.


Number Unit Lecturer
402-0000-04L Physics Lab II  S. P. Quanz,
A. Biland,
M. Doebeli,
M. Kroner
402-0038-00L Physics  C. Grab
402-0101-00L The Zurich Physics Colloquium  R. Renner,
G. Aeppli,
C. Anastasiou,
N. Beisert,
G. Blatter,
S. Cantalupo,
M. Carollo,
C. Degen,
G. Dissertori,
K. Ensslin,
T. Esslinger,
J. Faist,
M. Gaberdiel,
G. M. Graf,
R. Grange,
J. Home,
S. Huber,
A. Imamoglu,
P. Jetzer,
S. Johnson,
U. Keller,
K. S. Kirch,
S. Lilly,
L. M. Mayer,
J. F. Mesot,
B. Moore,
D. Pescia,
A. Refregier,
A. Rubbia,
K. Schawinski,
T. C. Schulthess,
M. Sigrist,
A. Vaterlaus,
R. Wallny,
A. Wallraff,
W. Wegscheider,
A. Zheludev,
O. Zilberberg
402-0240-00L Advanced Physics Laboratory II  T. M. Ihn,
C. Grab
402-0241-00L Advanced Physics Laboratory I  T. M. Ihn,
C. Grab
402-0266-00L Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics  K. S. Kirch
402-0600-00L Nuclear and Particle Physics with Applications  A. Rubbia,
G. Dissertori,
C. Grab,
K. S. Kirch,
R. Wallny
402-0702-00L Phenomenology of Particle Physics II  A. Rubbia,
S. Pozzorini
402-0710-00L Doctoral Student Seminar in Nuclear and Particle Physics  A. Rubbia,
G. Dissertori,
M. Dittmar,
C. Grab,
K. S. Kirch,
R. Wallny
402-0714-00L Astro-Particle Physics II  A. Biland
402-0719-BSL Particle Physics at PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute)  C. Grab
402-0719-MSL Particle Physics at PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute)  C. Grab
402-0738-00L Statistical Methods and Analysis Techniques in Experimental Physics  C. Grab,
M. Donegà
402-0742-00L Energy and Environment in the 21st Century (Part II)  M. Dittmar
402-0746-00L Seminar: Particle and Astrophysics (Aktuelles aus der Teilchen- und Astrophysik)  C. Grab
402-1782-00L Physics II  R. Wallny
402-2000-00L Scientific Works in Physics  C. Grab
851-0147-01L Philosophical Reflections on Physics II  N. Sieroka,
M. Hampe,
R. Wallny
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