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Below you can find a collection of talks/presentations for the general public about particle physics, given by various members of the institute. Click on the small picture on the right hand side of the explanatory text in order to retrieve the electronic document of the presentation. Note that some of the presentations are stored in PowerPoint format.

Please note: some of the information is only available in German.

Grundlagenforschung und Nutzen für unsere Gesellschaft

Public presentation given by Günther Dissertori about fundamental research and its use for society. Invited by the Institute Francais Autriche and the Swiss Embassy in Vienna, Austria, Nov 2012.

Download (PDF)


Neues von der Forschungsfront am CERN

Public presentation given by Günther Dissertori about research news from CERN, at the Kantonsschule Schaffhausen, Dec 2012.

Download (PDF, 38.9 MB)


Die Entdeckung des Higgs Teilchens

Presentation given by Günther Dissertori about the recent discovery of a Higgs-like particle, invited by the Rotary Club Oerlikon, Nov 2012.

Download (PDF, 25.8 MB)


Vom Urknall bis Heute: Archäologie des Universums (in German)

Public presentation given by Felicitas Pauss on the occasion of a special meeting of high-school students at ETH Zurich in December 2005.

Download (PDF, 20.6 MB)


Aktuelles aus der Teilchenphysik (in German)

or also "Die Archäologie des Universums". Public presentation given by G.Dissertori at the occasion of the reunion of the Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft in St. Gallen (Switzerland) in November 04. It explains in general terms the concept of particle physics and its connections to cosmology.

Download (PDF, 49.7 MB)


"Professorinnen und Professoren im Gespräch": Presentations for the public on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of ETH (in German)


Kreativität in der Physik (in German)

Keynote speak given by Felicitas Pauss on the occasion of the inauguration of the Einstein exhibition at the Alte Kantonsschule Aarau (Switzerland) in October 2005.

Download (PDF, 3.7 MB)


Spin-Offs from Particle Physics in Medicine

Presentation given by G.Dissertori at a European congress of aesthetic medicine, Zurich, June 2004.

Download (PDF, 19.5 MB)


Einstein, Relativitaetstheorie und die Welt der Elementarteilchen (in German)

Public presentation given by G.Dissertori at the high school, Meran (Italy), April 2005.

Download (PDF, 21.5 MB)


Eine Zeitreise zum Urknall: Der Mikrokosmos unter die Lupe genommen

This talk given by F. Pauss has been prepared on the occasion of the first Swiss Science Festival (May 2001), and explains briefly what particle physics is all about, and what it's connections to cosmology (our understanding of the universe) are.

Download (PPT, 4.4 MB)


Why do particles have a mass? What did we learn at LEP?

Talk given by A. Holzner at the physics colloqium of the Physics Department. It explains the basics of the Higgs mechanism, thought to be responsible for mass generation in the standard model of particle physics, and the search for the hypothesized Higgs boson with the L3 detector at the LEP collider.

Download (PDF, 2.5 MB)


Die Physik bei LEP

Talk (in German) given by G. Dissertori for a group of teachers visiting CERN. It explains the physics studied at LEP, the accelerator as well as the detectors employed by the various experiments.

Download (PDF, 2.3 MB)  Download (PPT, 1.6 MB)


Neutrino experiments: Past, Present and Future

Talk given by A. Rubbia. It gives a basic introduction to neutrino physics, neturino production and detection techniques, from the past to the future.

Download (PDF, 4 MB)


ETH Zürich and Superconductor Manufacture for High Energy Physics.

Brochure, put together by B.Blau and F.Pauss.
Pictures, descriptions and related information describing the efforts of the IPP/ETHZ with their industrial partners for the production of superconducting magnets to be employed in high energy physics experiments.

Download (PDF, 9.3 MB)

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