The FACT Telescope at La Palma (Spain)

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Sensor plate of the novel FACT camera

Responsible Professors

F. Pauss, A. Biland


Active, data taking started in 2012


So far, the ultra-fast cameras used by Cherenkov telescopes to measure very high-energy gamma-rays are always based on photo-multiplier tubes. Recently, solid states photosensors with comparable performance became available, but theire usage under the very harsh conditions intrinsic to such telescopes was heavily disputed. Our institute designed and constructed therefore a novel camera based on these sensors and installed it in a refurbished 4m telescope at La Palma.

Initial data from FACT not only proof the validity of the approach, but also show that these novel sensors allow to significantly improve the duty cycle of such telescopes by being able to take data also under full-moon conditions.

FACT taking data during full-moon
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